The Music Project
During 2000,  I originated several collaborative arts projects with my work:  The Music Project was one of these.  Two local San Diego composers were invited to view my relief sculptures and were asked to choose one or more pieces to use as an inspiration for musical compositions and performances.  These compositions were then performed at the BEC Gallery show opening in May of 2001.

The composer/musicians who have participated to date in this project are Scott Taber and Mark Lewman.  Other composers or musical performers are invited to choose from the pieces shown on this web site to send or perform additional music for the project.  Below is a brief description of the performances to date. Should you wish to be notified when additional performances take place please email the artist.

Scot Taber
Mr. Taber is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For the works he composed for this project he collaborated with electric cellist [NAME].  His instrumentation is in the style of world music.  He composed pieces based on the following sculptures: Birth Worship and Buddha of the North.
Mark Lewman
Mark Lewman works with a group of improvisational musicians who play various tribal and modern drum and other percussion instruments as well as keyboard. The group's work for this project involved an improvisational jam session focused on the sculpture work.  During part of the improvisation Scot Taber's Group was also invited to participate.
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