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I started out thinking my images represented something only personal, specific to myself and my own life; and, therefore, probably not relevant to others. However, as I began to show the work, I found the panels were deeply affecting to others, and individual pieces often generated strong responses as viewers grappled to understand the “story” or message of the image.  I believe this is because the meaning of the images is gleaned by a process of self and social examination which discerns their meaning for our lives and communities.

For this reason I now name pieces in a group setting bringing together as 2 to 10 others to help me figure out what the message is behind each piece. This "naming Process" is very taxing part since it demands a connection between the intuitive and the rational parts of the mind. 

Help Me Name This Piece:
The Rosecrans Project
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During a naming session, the group dialogues about a piece until it slowly refines the message and a name is offered which we can all agree upon.  When the right name is found, there is often a feeling of instant connection between participants. When a name is given to a piece out of such a group consensus, art creates community not mere opinion.  This is the true basis of culture.  I have observed that people are often drawn to a particular piece which has something to tell them and that when they explore their reactions to the piece it opens the piece up to understanding by others as well.   Currently, I am experimenting with naming pieces on line.  Below is the current piece I am soliciting names for.  If you are interested and want to send in a name please submit your suggestions below.  Feel free to submit multiple entries if you wish.  If you submit a name I will keep in touch with you and let you know what the final name is I select for the piece as well as others which were suggested.
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